Lime life-a Key Lime sort of day

The quintessential South Florida recipe:  Key Lime Pie.  You can find it in almost every restaurant: yellow, green, dense custard, whipped frothy, and covered with a sliver of lime, meringue or lots of whipped cream.  Everyone claims to have the ultimate, the original, the best key lime pie ever made.  In fact at least 1,720,000 people do; that’s how many showed up on a recent internet search for key lime pie recipes…but they are wrong, yes all 1,720,000 of them. I have the best and easiest key lime recipe.  My mother claims it is the original and she should know, after all she grew up in Iowa.

If asked most people would tell you that key limes come from–well Key West–but that’s not exactly true.  Of course most people will tell you that Key limes are green; they’re not.  Think yellow skins and tiny.  Turns out most people are usually wrong most of the time; at least when limes are being discussed.

The key lime tree has been part of the life in Florida since around 1500.  That’s a long time to me but it means limes were just tourists that settled in for the long haul. Go East, or West; either way you’ll get to India where limes first grew.

But enough history – here’s Key Lime pie for the non-gourmet who just wants a simple easy to make dessert.

1 graham cracker crust

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1/3 cup Key lime juice  (or if you can’t easily find it – substitute regular lime juice or even lemon juice)

Stir milk and lime juice – pour in pie crust.  Chill. Hide in closet with pie so family and neighbors won’t know what you have.  Eat – ignore the number of calories in sweetened condensed milk.  Life is too short – enjoy it while you can.


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