I Pita the Fool

Once the darling of the foodie elite, pita bread seems to have almost dropped out of sight.  It’s been overshadowed by its carbohydrate cousins focaccia, panini and the forever popular bagel.

Years ago I decided pita must be an easy bread to make.  After all as soon as women discovered hot rocks to cook on pita was probably one of the first things they created.  The men could easily carry left overs in a pita in one hand while spearing the elusive wooly mammoth with their now free spear arm.  I’m guessing Panini presses were in short supply.

My flawed reasoning was that if someone in a desert without electricity, city water and even a cookbook could master this basic bread so could I.  It took almost 30 years for me to bake a pita that actually puffed up and could hold food. Admittedly I only tried every decade or so.  One failure and I’m back to my old friend, never fail, beer bread but that’s another blog – cooking from the liquor cabinet.

I was going to include a pita recipe but every single one I found started out something like “Pita, the best bread for making with kids.  So easy it should be the first bread a beginner baker makes.”

Heavy Sigh…Makes my decades of failure seem even worse than I thought.  When I did succeed it was because I bought a pizza stone.  Apparently my first thought was correct: the cave women had it right, you need a hot stone to make pita bread.

So now that I have mastered pita I have one last question:   whatever happened to bean sprouts?


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