To market, to market, for Thanksgiving I go

Being organized I have been shopping for our Thanksgiving meal today, a week before the day.  Made a list. Bought everything on the list.  That means there will be only 1 maybe 2 emergency more trips to Kroger to pick up something important that I forgot.

Here’s the menu – for Thanksgiving 2011 we’re going with a family favorites theme.  “Family favorites” is code for “starch and fats.”

Appetizers – deviled eggs and homemade Chex mix


Turkey – actually turkey is optional for our family. After ripping off and devouring the brown crispy skin no one really eats the meat on Thursday. But come Friday – cold slabs of turkey on toasted bread with plenty of mayo.

Cranberry sauce – didn’t even buy it this year.  There’s only one person in the family who eats it and he only dollops one tablespoon on his turkey – that one spoonful lasts through all his 2nd and 3rd servings.

Dressing – this year I upgraded from Stove Top stuffing to Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix…will the culinary creativity excitement every end.

Mashed potatoes – a necessity – know why we have such smooth ones?  We use instant. ..Add gravy and the spud folks are happy.

Rice – if you’re from South Carolina you expect rice at every meal – around here you’re usually disappointed.

Rolls – they’ll disappear first

Green bean casserole – I know I caved. We are having one veggie but it since it’s covered with high caloric fat ingredients I think I’m still  staying with the l “family favorites” theme.

Humm – what am I missing?  Dessert – that’s it

Orange cookies

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting – grandchild is making this so it’s from a box, not homemade, so sad, but to compensate for that there will be a homemade Caramel Apple Pie (new recipe – even making the caramel from scratch).  This will either be the star of the meal or the disaster we laugh about for years.

Having written this I know what the first trip back to town will be for – You’re right – Wine!


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