I Never Met a Potato I didn’t like…

And my hips are a testament to that fact.  Who doesn’t love a good carbohydrate?  Dr. Atkins?

Meat and potatoes – you just thought of a baked potato didn’t you!  I know I did, one covered in sour cream, butter, bacon bits and if I’m in a seafood restaurant a dollop of cocktail sauce to add some spice.  If you didn’t think of a baked potato your probably just pictured the mashed potatoes you had at Thanksgiving.  Were they smooth as silk or just lumpy enough that you know the potatoes were homemade.  Either way there was butter or probably gravy pored over.

Oh the good times!  But around these parts of Georgia when you go into a, shall I say moderately priced, restaurant you’ll get hash browns.  Waffle House with its scattered, smothered and covered is still the best.  I’ve tried those hash browns pretty much every way Waffle House serves them except “all the way”.  All the Way is just what it says with cheese, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, mushrooms, whatever else you can talk the cook into adding plus chili and yes, even sausage gravy.  You have to be pretty hung over to eat that or on some mind altering drug.  If you’re a bit more rational try the hash browns in the ring, cooked well with a crispy outside and a warm soft middle.  Heaven on earth.

For those, like me, with impaired culinary taste ask for the hash browns scattered – WELL.  If you have the right person on the grill you’ll get a very large potato chip.

As much as I love Waffle House hash browns, along with McDonald’s deep fried ones plus Chik-Fil-A’s contribution to my widening waistline there’s something missing in this list.  If you’re thinking French fries you’d be wrong.  French fries have a special place in my heart but that’s not what is missing.  I can get them anywhere and anytime.

On a recent trip to Florida we once again ate breakfast at Fat Boy’s in Kissimmee. That’s what is missing from my rural Georgia potato feast…Home Fries.  OMG – home fries.  Potatoes, probably boiled to soften, then cut in chunks and spread on the grill to finish cooking and browned to perfection.  Home fries, if we had any potatoes left from Thanksgiving I’d be in the kitchen boiling them right now. Or if it wasn’t such a miserable rainy day I’d seriously consider driving south to Florida or west to Iowa for a serious home fries feast.

Since there don’t seem to be any potatoes left, not a surprise, guess I’ll have a salad for lunch and whine.


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