I Suck at Scrabble

And by suck I mean that’s one of the cleverest words I can come up with when I play the game.  It doesn’t really matter though because I’m taking on players worse than me.  There’s a 7 year old (at least my spelling and vocabulary is better than his), a 9 year old (who might actually beat me some day), and a 15 year old txtr (vowels are so last year)

This is the way it went down Christmas Eve.  I read the instructions to all involved and then we agreed on which rules we would not follow.  Two and three letter words are the forte with our group. I discovered early on to be careful the order I placed the tiles.  My objective might be “poop” but by the time the 2nd “o” is placed the other players are so convulsed with laughter that the game has to be halted for 5 minutes.  The simple word “but” can bring on a discussion of how funny it would be if a second “t” were added….again more gales of laughter.

But what does Scrabble have to do with food anyway?  After all this blog is supposed to be about my thoughts on food.   Let me tell you where food and Scrabble mix.  I discovered that it was possible at opportune times to jump up, scream “The cookies are burning in the oven” and accidentally knock the table so the tiles jumped into new spots.  See; there is a food connection.  I just need to bake cookies every time we play. The drink of choice for this game, at least for me, is Two Buck Chucks’ cabernet.  It looks erudite, so at least I appear to know what I’m doing.  Hah!

Do other games have preferred food and drink connections?  Here are a few that come to mind.

Poker –scotch and sandwiches. I‘m basing this assumption on my late night television viewing habits.  I don’t play poker or drink scotch.

Monopoly can take hours and founded on memories of childhood Monopoly marathons the game requires cousins, lots of time, and numerous glasses of Coke.  No need to bring food to the table – there’s plenty of time to stop the play, chow down in the kitchen and go back to the game.  Today I’d probably add some bourbon to that beverage glass.

Uno, classic Uno, none of the newer variations.  We play just with cards and we play for keeps.  With this game there’s no food or drink on the table.  We’re vicious.  We form alliances and pass cards under the table.  Even the youngest player is not immune.  He has about 5 seconds to decide if he’ll play the yellow card or the red before the other players start chanting “play, Play, PLAY!”  After each round everyone but the dealer gets a quick break to rehydrate while the cards are being shuffled and dealt then it’s back to the mayhem.

Beer/hot dogs/peanuts and almost any game played in a stadium or arena.

It seems food is almost as vital to a game as actually playing.  What’s your favorite food and game combo?


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