Pots, pans and lids…Oh My!

It’s a new year – time to organize my life.  This year it’s the kitchen.  I have been on a multiday intensive cleaning and rearranging binge.  All the pots, pans and lids were moved to a table to sort through and match lids with containers.

We have moved the obligatory number of times for a typical American family and each time everything was boxed up.  It appears we should have left numerous items behind on some of the moves. Where did all the lids come from?  I don’t recall just going out one day and buying pot lids and I’m pretty sure I haven’t arbitrarily thrown cooking pots away but I still have more lids than pots.  It’s a mystery.

On the good news side the missing slow cooker lid reappeared so I no longer have to use foil to cover the pot.  Naturally the pot that no one uses because it’s too big for the cooktop has been reunited with its lid.  The missing blade for the food processor was found: no one confessed to putting it on top of the fridge, it must have jumped.

I also have a Lodge lid for a large camping Dutch-oven.  A normal person would remember where the pot is but I don’t have a clue.  When the weather warms up it appears my kitchen cleaning will morph into a storage shed cleaning as I search for that piece of cookware. The Cub Scouts could use it on their next campout.  I could make peach cobbler.  If you have taken any scout outdoor training, boy or girl, you know the recipe.  It’s the one with yellow cake mix, canned peaches and butter.

Lid problems are not new to me.  Years ago I, oh so wisely, bought a lid holder from a friend who was selling Tupperware.  A plastic rod that screwed into a cabinet door and all those hinged lids that were scattered in every drawer and on every shelf could be slid on.  With no help from hubby I proudly screwed the thing into the door.  Hooray, organization was just minutes away.  After a thorough search I discovered that I no longer owned any of the lids with hinges, all mine were a newer style and the holder was useless.

I finished 2011 at Goodwill and am about to start my 2012 donations.  Some of these items were bought before Infomercials so there’s no excuse for the poor judgment.  A juicer.  Really?  I prefer my carrots crunchy.  The above-mentioned really deep and wide pot.  Were we about to entertain a battalion?  One ceramic chop stick holder.  One?  Even I would avoid buying that at a garage sale; it must have snuck in under another item.

At last count I had three lonely lids who are about to make the short trip to the “going away” box.  I’m going to wait a day or two and see if the pots wander back into sight once the Christmas tree is removed and some semblance of order returns to the house.   Who knows what cookery lurks in the branches of that evergreen.



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