Meet Santa

Santa’s a drop-in who seems to like us but he does have Beagle blood so one day he could as easily drop-out of our lives. As of today he’s been here for over a year (arriving Christmas Eve 2010, thus the name).  We tried to find his owner but alas and alack no one appeared to claim him.

Best guess is that Santa is part Beagle and part Dachshund.   His Dachshund heritage shows up as short and low to the ground.  I find it highly amusing to watch him patter down the hallway; as he goes away his butt looks like it should belong to a mini furry Rhino. 

Low and long is cute but it is going to be an ongoing problem.  Santa, like any self-respectable dog loves to eat and he’s not picky; from garbage to gourmet.   He’ll take on our pit bull, Baby, if food is involved.

Naturally Santa has discovered who in the family will feed him directly off the dinner plate.    Yes, I might be one of those that sneak him a treat, especially since I have started trying out recipes for this blog.

Did Santa like the Beer Bread you ask…why of course he did.  He preferred it toasted with butter and strawberry jam.  Is he a Key Lime Pie aficionado?  I don’t know; that’s one food I don’t share—with anyone!

Santa got a nibble of last night’s supper but a nibble was all that was left.  It was one of those rare circumstances, a trifecta of cooking:  I saw a recipe in the Sunday paper, we had all the ingredients, and there was time to make it for dinner.  Sinfully easy.

4 frozen boneless chicken breasts

1 can of pineapple chunks, drained

1 jar of some tangy/spicy barbeque sauce

Put in crockpot, cook on low for 6 hours.  Here are the two changes we made:  6 frozen chicken breasts and then cooked on high for the last hour to be sure the extra meat was done.  It was, fall apart done and delicious atop yellow rice.  Added a salad and it was one of the simplest meals ever made in my kitchen.   Naturally along with the recipe the newspaper had a mouthwatering photo.  Sorry, you don’t get a photo; the chicken was all eaten before the lens cap came off.

But back to Santa, the main character in today’s blog.  What can be done before he’s so pampered with treats that his stomach hits the ground?

 If you know me you know how hard, how painfully hard, this is to say; Santa and I are going for walks and sometimes we even run.   It’s rained for 3 days so we’re a bit off schedule but tomorrow we’ll back in training. My fear is his enthusiasm for walking/running will get ahead of his ability one day and I’ll be the one carrying a tired and heavy dog home.  When that day happens he won’t get a snack from my dinner plate.


2 Comments on “Meet Santa”

  1. I think sometimes when animals are lost, they instinctively recognize the people that will feed them from the table and offer a reassuring scratch of welcome. We have a cat that adopted us and she brought with her lots of laughs and silliness. 🙂

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