Food for Tax Preparation

It’s tax time again – the time of year when I complain endlessly.  Ask any professional who has worked on our returns.  I spend half the time complaining about how I hate to do taxes and the other half confessing I have forgotten to bring x, y or (z)ero of the documents the preparer feels are essential.

Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation (Photo credit: agrilifetoday)

This year will be different.   I will not ask for an extension; I will even file long months before April 15. I will use comfort food to keep me going. There has to be food that makes the tax prep job easier and more palatable. I’m not even going to look on-line because I know what will be there: protein (lean protein), fruits, vegetables and plenty of water for hydrating.  Good for the virtuous organized people; they probably haven’t already lost their  W-2 before the end of January.

Finally it’s “TP” day – that’s Tax Preparation Day; really what were you thinking?

Here’s an overview of TP Day

Waffle House

Waffle House (Photo credit: The Suss-Man (Mike))

A quick scan of the list of items I’m looking for and then breakfast.  Waffle House Chili with extra McIlhenny Tabasco® Sauce sounds about right.  Plenty of saltine crackers and a few hamburger dill slices as a nod to my bodies need for vegetables.

Now to work, but hours later I find myself distracted by a Rugby match on TV and a scrum between who knows who.  Since I don’t have the vaguest idea what a scrum is and suddenly find it more interesting than last year’s receipts it’s obviously time to stop and have more brain food.

In the back of the refrigerator I can just glimpse the last remnant from the biscuit marathon but even on TP Day I am not that desperate.  Even the dogs aren’t their usual greedy selves and looked at the now very hard biscuit suspiciously too–but they still ate it.  They did demand a better snack in the future and longer walks as repayment for disposing of the biscuit.

A salad!  What a nutritious idea. Good for me!  Doing taxes and eating right.  A fiesta salad with extra Fritos®, grated cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, jalapenos and yes, chili.  This should get the afternoon off to a great start.


And it did, the missing W-2 has   appeared and the junk drawer is a lot cleaner.

Finally It’s Done

Its dark outside and family members have been tiptoeing about all day.  Ok that’s not exactly truthful; most just left the house and now are starting to creep in and peep cautiously around the bedroom door.  It’s safe: I still have hair and nothing has been tossed out the window (or through it).  No destruction and I have found everything that’s on my list.  There will probably be something missing when I get to the professional but for now it’s done and I predict there will be a glass or two of wine in my future.  Does wine go with chili?  Guess it’s time to find out.

English: Oak wine barrels at the Robert Mondav...

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