Food for the Occasional Beach Bum

Atlantic Ocean Driftwood

It’s scary how fast I can turn into a beach bum.  Power suits, business casual, the perfect little black dress and pearls can all be gone in 60 seconds or less when the sea is calling. Years, way too many years, have passed since I have been on a beach.  Although in Savannah last weekend the temps were hovering in the high 40s I even surprised myself as to how quickly I returned to beach bum mentality.

Savannah vs. Beach   

Map of siege of Fort Pulaski : Savannah River ...

If you know your geography you have already begun typing out a comment to let me know that the city of Savannah is not ocean front property.  I was there, I know that.  Savannah’s claim to marine notoriety is the Savannah River but that didn’t stop my senses from quivering when we drove past the first marshes and around the numerous squares in the historic section of Savannah.

Sand and seafood were calling.  The city was just another dot on a map, something to be driven through as we answered the call; not a quiet subtle siren song; it was the entire brass section.  A Pied Piper beckoning across salt marshes, and even blaring over the bridges crossing the coastal waters to the Promised Land.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.

First order of the afternoon    

Take a seat on a dock and enjoy seafood and beer.  More accurately that would be BEER and seafood because you can’t really be a beach bum unless you can quaff a beer or two or three or more.

Second order of the afternoon

Change of clothing, which can be accomplished in the backseat of a car if a person didn’t plan the days clothing appropriately.  The low temps did alter my basic beach bum attire, which should have been flowery Hawaiian shirt, old jeans cut off mid shin and a floppy hat.  For the cooler weather on this trip the attire became, jeans (no holes), long sleeve t-shirt (faded), and my husband’s warm jacket.  I did manage no shoes, not even flip-flops, to wander down the sands of  Tybee Island.

The seagulls were the only wildlife out to ride the waves.  Even our teenagers hormones would not go far enough out to ride the waves; it was more like skirt the foam, talk and walk with only wet feet then finally for one minute go screaming knee deep into the surf  


Brrrr – Beach Bums should always be warm.  I believe there’s some kind of credo that says that.

My Preferred Adult Beach Beverage  

Although Jimmy Buffett popularized margaritas as a beach drink and there are those that like their alcohol with tiny umbrellas I prefer the old standard –icy cold beer.  It’s easy, no need for a blender or bartender.  Beer can be dark, light, domestic, imported or even homebrewed but at the beach the main requirement is frigid to the lips.

My Preferred Beach Bum Lunch     

Michael's She-Crab Soup at Croakers, Inc. at V...

A beach bum’s food needs to be as salty as she (he) is.  Here’s a perfect menu:

Oysters on the half shell; tasting of the briny deep

Shrimp, boiled and waiting to be peeled

A steaming cup of She-crab soup

Finally, more shrimp (did I mention I like shrimp?)

White boiled shrimp 白灼蝦

There’s Never Enough Time

Sadly my beach bum days were too short and it’s now back to daily life.  Now with visions of iced mugs and steaming platters of seafood dancing in my head I plan and plot my next trip back to the bum life.

The Wind is Whispering My Name - Beckoning Me Back


2 Comments on “Food for the Occasional Beach Bum”

  1. Beverly Jones says:

    Very well done! I especially like the beer references!

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