The Best Part of Girl Scout cookies

Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies

I have been involved on and off since the mid-80s with selling Girl Scout cookies. So I know a thing or two about GS cookies; in addition to the fact that they’re delicious.  By selling cookies the girls earn money for camping trips, craft supplies, sending cookies to military personnel stationed overseas and donating to local charities.

Life Lessons

The girls learn quite a few life lessons.

  • One of the earliest lessons is that you just can’t open the boxes stacked up at your house.  Moms tend to get really upset when they find that some of the undelivered cookie boxes have been opened and eaten.
  • Money is nice. Some of the shyest girls surprise their leaders and parents at booth sales when these quiet stay in the shadows girls turn into sweetly aggressive sellers.
  • Teachers can’t buy from every girl in their class.  The girls have to widen their marketing ideas.
  • And the saddest lesson of all.  The youngest girls can sell the most because they’re cute.  The older girls have a harder time and yet they’re the very ones who can benefit the most from those cookie sales (older girl experiences such as opportunities to attend a word jamboree cost a lot of money).  If you see a group of older girls selling – always, always buy a box or two!  They’ll appreciate it.

I know there are naysayers but I’m an advocate for cookie sales.  You, as a customer, do get something for your money and you know the quality is there.

The Best Part of Girl Scout Cookies

Unless you have sold Girl Scout cookies you probably don’t know the best part.  Here’s the secret. All the boxes come in cartons on 12.  It’s the carton you want to get your hands on.   Just go ahead, buy enough cookies and request a carton or two or three.  Why?  Let me tell you why.  Those cookie cartons are the most useful things you can get for free.

Here are some suggestions for ways to use cookie cartons:

  • Storing art supplies (the cartons have handles for easy carrying)
  • A barracks for younger brothers’ toy soldiers, tanks and planes
  • Delivering extra pot lids to Goodwill
  • Painted pink and decorated a carton becomes a trash can
  • Flattened out as a cover to protect the dining room table from paint and glue spills

The boxes are too tall to hide your family jewels and money under the bed but still you can use them for:

  • Holding papers brought home from school
  • Cutting the boxes apart and making a collage for an art project, like a bulletin board.
  • A plastic bag holder or recycle grocery bag holder
  • A perfect item to toss into the recycling bin instead of throwing in the trash can

And this year’s favorite use for Girl Scout cookie cartons:

  • Cutting the box apart and using the back side for making masks to be used by the Cub Scouts in a skit about good nutrition.

Yep, Girl Scout cookies even helped the boys this year!

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts – let’s go for another 100 or so.


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