Please Synonyms, help make my food blogging better

"The New Fred Meyer on Interstate on Lomb...

The Challenge  

Since my blogging centers around food a friend sent me a list she had received of 45 synonyms for the word “food.”  I would say on a regular basis I use about 3 of them so to expand my vocabulary and showcase my versatility I’m going use all 45 words in one post.

The Unknowns

Let’s start with the three I didn’t know:  Aliment, Viand and Provender.  It’s a sentence so I count those three as officially done and counted.

The Versatile Synonym

It was easy for Jennifer to take a bite from the board spread out at the restaurant.  Her foodie friends had brought her to this place. The chow on the impressive bread spread included every kind of comfort food she could imagine.

Cuisine is for cruise ships, this was plain ‘ol home-style eats.  The fare wasn’t anything Richard Simmons would consider proper fodder.  The kitchen staff doing the cooking had never heard the word diet.  In fact their favorite dish to prepare was “any kind of dessert.” Edible, eatable, anyway you said it the grub on the line was home cooking at its best.  No fast food fries here.

The larder at this place obviously did not have any slop hiding on a back shelf. Nourishment for the hungry diner came in the form of a meal consisting of meat and a mess of vegetables.  But there was more, the wait staff did not ration out the provisions.

 28 + x = 45

I’m over halfway through the words on this refreshment writing exercise.  Deep breath, time to finish the list with a flourish.

Flanders, Netherlands


For those in the know there was a back room.  Everyone who received a private invitation to the rear table wanted to know where the cook bought her groceries.  The foodstuff was astounding. Goodies from around the world were displayed.   If someone didn’t like the vittles on the buffet table there was a menu available for the elite in the rearmost area– 26 pages of victuals to choose from.  It would take an hour just to read this nutriment list which to its credit did not include any pabulum.

This was not some shabby feed set up to feed a cattle car of patrons nor was it a handout.  The clientele of this place knew their rations.  They knew the store of food in the freezer would run short by 10 p.m. and there was no chance of take-out.  These food snobs considered bare subsistence to include five courses (two entrees were de rigor) and as many wines.  In reality though it wasn’t all about sustenance.  It was about dining on 45 words.


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