Blueberry Cobbler – so easy a child can make it.

What’s so great about this blueberry cobbler is that it’s so easy even I can remember the recipe.  This recipe is oh so definitely a food hit this summer.  The family lines up at the door and begs to have another one.  That’s why I’m teaching the granddaughter how to make it – so they’ll leave me alone for a while.

Notes: Butter is your friend in this recipe.  I’m sure the cobbler would taste better if I used whole milk but 2 percent is what hangs around in our refrigerator.  We’re loving the blueberries but almost any fruit will do.  Peaches are coming in now so next week on our table will be a true Southern dessert found on every buffet table in the state: peach cobbler.

Not only is the recipe so easy a child can do it –it’s so easy I don’t need words.

Let me say the small child was doing fine until this point.  What you don’t see because I couldn’t scrape sugar and take photos at the same time is that she dumped 1/2 of the sugar into one spot on the cobbler.   Even though our 4 hands were flying we couldn’t get it all moved about.  There was one very surprised person that got a super sweet piece of cobbler–he didn’t complain.

Finally after about 45 minutes!  Success.


2 Comments on “Blueberry Cobbler – so easy a child can make it.”

  1. Jennifer says:

    That almost looks easy enough for me to make — or attempt to make.

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