Why we go to fast food for our crinkle cut fries

I don’t know about you, but I kind of stumbled into Food History.  While visiting yard sales or out antiquing I started to notice that the cooking utensils of my youth were now showing up as – dare I say the word “antiques.”   This was hard to accept that some of these items that I still had in my kitchen were now relics of a by-gone age.

As this fascination with aging has morphed into a hobby – learning about food from times past—I don’t despair as much about my age.  Now even though I have the wisdom of maturity I must confess certain items still stump me.  Take this for instance.

Potato crinkle cutter

I should know what it is but I don’t have a clue, neither does my husband or the lady who sold it to me.

After a spirited discussion, in which alcoholic beverages played a part, hubby voted for something to create a wavy pattern in cake frosting.  I don’t know.  Personally I’m partial to some kind of cutting thingamabob…for creating fancy fruit slices perhaps.  Why is it slanted?  There was some reason but here in Georgia we’re clueless.  Is it old?  There’s no manufacturer on the handle or blade but the blade has that older feel to it.

As I’m typing my brain is working – potato slicer?  I like that idea.  When I get back from the store with a bag of potatoes I’ll try it out…with some cheese too.

crinkle cut potato

I don’t know why I found Science experiments so hard when doing experiments like this is so much fun.  Probably because I’m not likely to blow anything up or do bodily damage to a favorite pet with these tests.

Crinkle cut potato slices

Crinkle cut carrots

 Are you convinced?  I am – potato and miscellaneous crinkle cutter thingamabob it is!  It’s too hard to use and I don’t know how you would ever sharpen the blades so we won’t be having crinkle cut food around here on a regular basis – if ever again.

 The crinkle cheese might look better on a tray than cheese cut with a knife but the cheese stuck in the ridges was a bit hard to clean out.  I can see why newer, especially larger, versions of this type cutter are on the market.  The family would have left for a nearby fast food restaurant before I could ever get enough crinkle cut potatoes cut for a meal.  The carrots were easy to cut but the neighbor’s horses like big carrots so there’s no need to spend time making small fancy ones for them.

Crinkle cut cheddar cheese

Do you have some odd kitchen utensil lying about; before you put it out at the next yard sale send a photo perhaps together we can figure out what it is.

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