A Carbohydrate Sort of Day

It didn’t start out to be a bread and cobbler bake-off that that’s what happened.   Summertime is not my favorite time for turning on the oven so it was odd that I found myself in the kitchen both simmering a soup and baking up a trio of carbohydrate laden foods.  How did this happen?  I’m not sure because even with air conditioning it just feels wrong to heat up the house mid-summer days.

There we were with mushrooms and a few onions optimistically purchased for a meal that never got made.  Time was running short for the mushrooms; too late to add to a salad but still viable when chopped and hidden into something.

 Not a Carbohydrate –  but Still Part of the Day

My easiest solution: a mushroom/onion soup or  as it turned out an onion/mushroom soup.  There’s no written recipe it’s all about what’s on hand the day the soup is made. This time I was heavy on onions.

Onion Mushroom soup

Bowl of Onion Mushroom Soup

An Overview of the Soup

Sauté the onions and mushrooms – put in a stockpot with beef stock (or chicken if that’s all that is around) add a can of beer, salt, pepper and a few other spices (rosemary and garlic are good).  After it’s been bubbling for a while decide what else is needed.  This time I tossed in some finely grated carrots but I’ve added grated potatoes before.  One time there was no beer so I used red wine.  There were no complaints from soup lovers that day.  At some point add rice or quick cooking barley.  Finally for a gourmet touch swirl in some cream about 5 minutes before serving.

Experimental Carbohydrate Baking

As long as I was already in the kitchen and there were still ingredients around I decided to do a bit of baking experimentation.  Yes I was on shaking ground.  Baking is so much more precise than tossing random items into a soup pot but what the heck.

  1.  Beer Bread – the usual recipe but I substituted oatmeal for ½ cup of the flour.  The bread is a bit coarser this way but still tastes great and I feel like I’m getting some fiber in my diet.
  2. Banana Bread – I know most recipes call for chopped nuts but none were in the house so I macerated (don’t you love that word – it sounds so much better than soaked) some dried cherries and dates in rum.  Since I had 4 large bananas instead of 3 regular sized ones I had to adjust the other ingredients.  All in all the bread came out well; I could have added more fruit.  Tasty the first day it was even better then next day once the flavors had done whatever it is flavors do overnight.
  3. The only way I experimented with the Blueberry cobbler recipe was to add extra blueberries.  I do think blueberries are my favorite fruit so the more the merrier.

Carbohydrate Cooking Resized

My big baking surprise was the banana bread – because of the extra ingredients I didn’t think it would ever get done.  It was 2nd in the oven but came out after the cobbler had cooled enough for a sane person to eat (that’s quite a long time – the cobbler is really really hot just out of the oven.)

As a “use up what’s on hand” carbohydrate cooking day it turned out well.

Food is fascinating – its history, methods of cooking, even family stories about food.  I like food and everything about it.  If you enjoy food too and would like emails when I post more blogs – click on the button on the right.


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