Why I love Champagne


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Actually I don’t particularly like champagne.  It’s the aura champagne evokes that I love.  I know the preferred drink of American’s is beer and wine.  But there was a time when champagne was queen.   It was a time of gangsters, molls, satin dresses that hung to shapeless female forms, jewels and furs.  It was the 30s.  Even though some members of my family will swear that I was roaming the earth with the dinosaurs I’m actually not quite that old. I wasn’t around for the heyday of champagne and speakeasies, not even as a baby, but I, like almost everyone else alive today, “know” about those times from the movies.  When it comes down to it – it’s all about persona, about appearance.

The Non-Movie Addict

If it wasn’t for TCM (Turner Class Movies) I could have basic television – or no television at all because I do have a library card and I know how to use it.  You’re shaking your head and about to say Netflix or other computer generated way to download movies.  The problem is I’m not a film fanatic – I don’t know the classic movies or even the B and C grade movies.  You won’t find me at the midnight showing of some important film noir.  All the black and white films I now enjoy are because I stumbled across them on TCM.  Since they’re black and white that means early film years which means they were serving champagne by the gallons to lithe young women and tuxedo clad men.

A Short Guide to Move Alcohol Use 

Cocktail by candle light 1: "With some of...

In case the clothes weren’t enough of a clue here’s a hint – gangsters drank beer, cowboys had shots or an occasional swig and beautiful people sipped champagne.  They swirled champagne served in delicate glasses from breakfast through dinner and late into the night.  And of course they were svelte.  Svelte is something I am not, nor can I even aspire to be because slender and lithe and those words are not part of my bodies vocabulary.  Svelte usually implies tall as in the svelte model was 6 foot tall and was considered overweight at 100 pounds.  Svelte is not just a hair taller than 5 feet.

Cropped screenshot of Myrna Loy from the trail...

It’s so seductive – glamorous settings, bedrooms bigger than my house, grand staircases everywhere, chauffeur driven cars, not to mention Myrna Loy and William Powell.   Naturally in the ultimate chick flick An Affair to Remember  (or the 1939 version Love Affair) the pink champagne in the ocean liners bar encourages Nickie and Terry’s romance.

Technically champagne has to come from France and even though we Americans had been producing wine for some time our wine heyday didn’t arrive until the mid-1970s so I’m assuming what the movie stars were drinking was real champagne.

Champagne and Me

Since I am not a connoisseur come News Year’s Eve I’ll be drinking sparkling wine and incorrectly calling it champagne. To be truthful there is one way I like champagne; the ever popular Mimosa.  Orange Juice and champagne, a healthful drink, or at least I want to think that.  I’d think more deeply about that thought but after two Mimosas I’m fast asleep, cradled in the arms of Gary Grant.


Photo credit: prettywar-stl

What kind of movie drinker are you?  Champagne, a shot of whiskey, beer or what about “shaken not stirred.”

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