The Unknown Food Server


The idea hit like a bolt of lightning: I was the unknown food server.  It started with an urgent plea from the local band boosters for help in the concession stand.  Why not?  Another notch in the belt of things I have never done before.  I checked with the granddaughter who goes to the football games to ask what was I thought a simple question “what do the folk in the concession stand wear?  Team colors, shirts with the school’s mascot? Shorts or jeans?

Body Parts – I’m Now Just Body Parts

The reply came swiftly from the child that can take an hour to decide which the perfect color of blue is before purchasing jeans.  “I don’t know.”


(Photo credit: yorkville)

She didn’t know!  How many nachos has she bought from that concession stand in the last 2 years?  Then the bolt out of the blue hit my brain:  To the fashion conscious granddaughter concession workers were merely hands –hands that took money and doled out food.  I was basically going to be “body parts” and nothing more.  Perhaps I should wear a Vampire costume.  Vampires are really hot now and maybe somebody would notice me.  Not likely; all the folks in line want is food and drink served quickly so they can get back to cheering the home team to victory (or not).

I couldn’t be mad at precious granddaughter though because if I look back into my past I couldn’t tell you who handed out the snacks at Vacation Bible School.  I know where in the church I went to get my cookies and juice and I can tell you the workers wore dresses; probably prints like small flowers.  What I can’t tell you is whether it was my mother, grandmother or their friends who served the snacks. I doubt I could have told you the name of the person as I was being handed the cookie because at that moment what was important was how sugary that large cookie was and hopefully that it wasn’t peanut butter.  I preferred the sugar cookies.

English: This is an image of one of the cookie...

Other Unknown Food Servers

Isn’t that the way?  You can be unknown for so many reasons – especially where food is involved.  Think about it; when the eager server comes to your table and announces his name do you remember it past the main course?  Of course not, unless you have received horrible service and want to complain to management.

And it’s not just the people who hand you the food.  I include as food servers the cashiers at the grocery store.  The issue here is that the good ones move on to better jobs and the remaining ones are too busy talking to their colleagues for you to care about their names.

On the other hand I can tell you the names of waitresses at my regular haunts.  These people see my car parking and have my favorite drink ready as I plop into a set. Not only do I know their names I can discuss their children, aging parents and more.  I buy school fund-raisers from them; they buy Girl Scout cookies from me.  It’s a rather symbiotic relationship.  We both benefit.

A mound of Girl Scout cookies. This mound cont...

It takes a lot of work for a food server to move from unknown status to first name.  Both sides have to work at it.  In all honesty I doubt there will ever be a time when anyone knows my name at the concession stand.  I think I’m now permanently the “I need more fries!” lady.

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