To Raisin or Not to Raisin

English: A pile of Sunmaid raisins.

Let me be truthful and admit right here and now and be up front about this issue.   I’m on the “Not” side of putting raisins in food.  As I was preparing my list of foods that taste better without raisins I asked a friend for confirmation.  She listened to my list and was shocked, yes shocked, that I thought oatmeal cookies were better without raisins.  Obviously we can’t be stranded on a desert island together if she is going to have such outlandish food tastes.  I shudder to think what she must put in her sweet potato casserole.

Best Comfort Food (Without raisins)

Creole Bread Pudding with Vanilla Whiskey Sauc...

What got me thinking about raisins was actually bread pudding; the ultimate comfort food. It’s so sweet and loaded with carbohydrates; any who reads this blog regularly knows those are my two favorite food groups.  I once had a bread pudding made from Krispy Kreme donuts.  It was too light and fluffy, like the donuts but something was missing.  Bread pudding should be able to stand on its own.  Sure it’s called pudding but that’s a misnomer actually it should be called “bread with some pudding to moisten and sweeten it” but I guess that name’s too long for most cookbooks and restaurant menus.  Back to the main topic:  I’ll dine on a bread pudding with raisins swimming among the bread because those tiny dried grapes are easy to spot and scoop out as I’m eating but oatmeal cookies that’s another thing.  Raisins in oatmeal cookies are harder, in fact it is near impossible to not eat the raisins.

Too many bakeries ruin what should be a morning treat of cinnamon toast by pouring in the raisins.  What, do I look like I need more fiber?  No my brain is attuned to pleasure not pretending by eating a few raisins in my French toast I will have a healthy day.  Oatmeal is for healthy days. Cinnamon toast is for delightfully sinful days.

OK Food (With raisins)


(Photo credit: huppypie)

I’m not anti-raisin.  There are a few foods I like that raisins make better.  Carrot salad is one that comes to mind especially if the carrot salad has chopped up pineapple as well.  Celery is ok for crunch but it needs to be finely chopped and added with a light touch. It is almost lunch time and needless to say my mind is wandering.  When I finally head out the door it will be a strange combination of foods that I’m craving.  First though I need to finish my thoughts.

Trail mix; you can’t have a decent trail mix without some raisins.  That seems to go back to the idea that raisins go best in foods that appear to be good for you.  Apparently the flavors of raisin and pineapple meld because it’s not trail mix for me without those two ingredients.  For a midday snack a small box of raisins does hit the spot.  It’s convenient and doesn’t leave powder sugar all over my blouse or cherry stains on my fingers.

And the Winner is!

What’s the score? Three food ideas for raisins, three against.  In my electoral college the “Nots” just won.  It’s a rather complicated voting system – too long to explain here just accept the fact that raisins do not belong on my list of sweet treats.

Join the conversation – are you for or against raisins?  Leave a comment below.



4 Comments on “To Raisin or Not to Raisin”

  1. Mary says:

    Like you, I don’t particularly like raisins but have discovered that craisins are a good substitute. A friend made some oatmeal raisin cookies substituting craisins for the raisins. Delicious!

  2. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I’m generally against raisins, especially if they’re hard and chewy. I don’t mind them in bread pudding because they get nice and soft.

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