The Nutritional Value of Ice

You would think everyone would know the nutritional value of ice after all it’s just frozen water and water has ZERO nutritional value.  Apparently that thought was lost on some government bureaucrat in North Carolina.  I offer as evidence a photo of the bag of ice I bought just before Thanksgiving.

Zero – Zero – Zero – Zero – Zero and Zero

What the ? !  Nutrition Facts for Ice? !  This is too much!  Has our nation’s education level sunk so low that consumers need to be told that ICE has ZERO calories?  ZERO – no fat either, or sodium. Potassium and carbohydrates are ZERO too, and let’s not forget protein, a solid ZERO as well.  Did some overzealous nutrition nut call the state and complain they weren’t getting enough information about the ice they bought.  Water that is “purified water from the mountains of western North Carolina” according to the bag.  I won’t go on a tangent discussion of what might have been purified out of the water – let’s just leave it as “purified.”

It was great ice – as ice goes – but truthfully I wasn’t expecting a lot.  Cold and tasteless is my favorite type of ice. I didn’t expect to have stronger muscles from protein or higher blood pressure from too much salt.  I was just buying ice for the holiday.

If you actually took time to read the Nutrition Facts above your sharp eyes and keen intellect might have wondered how there was 56 servings in one bag of ice.  It was a 20 pound bag!  I had never seen a 20 pound bag of ice before but when I need ice I’ll look for it again.  The bag had EZ grip handles at the top for carrying the bag home and as an added bonus the bag is 100% recyclable; just what you would expect from a company that distributes purified water with no calories from fat.

What’s Next for Nutrition Labeling

What lame-brained government official decided that ice needed a nutrition label and wrote that law into their regulations?  What’s next?  Nutrition labels on kitchen faucets?  However will we know if the water we drink can make us fat (Hint, it’s not the water it’s what we put in the water that’s making us fat.)  A shot of bourbon does tend to add to the enjoyment of ice but even after several shots of bourbon I can still tell you it’s the alcohol not the ice that’s causing me problems.

Grow up legislators! Ice is not the enemy of America.  Assume we consumers have a bit of common sense.  I don’t mind being reminded by an ice cream container that there’s lots of fat and sugar.  I will have fewer and smaller scoops if I take the time to read  the label; but ice, get real.  Requiring  the nutrition facts about ice to be printed on a bag; that’s government intervention gone too far.  It’s time to revolt and take back our frozen water and our sanity.

I’ll stop ranting by the next blog – if you’re not already being notified when new blogs are posted fill out the Follow This Blog box in the right column.  In the meantime, do you have a pet peeve about labeling – or water?



One Comment on “The Nutritional Value of Ice”

  1. I’ve seen the labels, but never thought much about them. I love this post!

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