I See the Lights

I see the lights and wonder why?  It’s 9:30 p.m. on a weekday night and I’m unexpectedly driving through Atlanta.  I started noticing the office lights as we sped through the intersection at I-75 and I-285:  office towers with over half their lights on.

Atlanta Skyline

Atlanta Skyline (Photo credit: k1ng)

The Hungry Busy Worker

Who are these people who are so important that have to be at work long after sensible people are at home or more importantly in my mind; aren’t they hungry?  Did they start their day at 7 or 8 a.m. with a quick dash through McDonald’s for coffee and an Egg McMuffin.  Perhaps around 1 p.m. they ran down to the coffee shop in their building and grabbed a sandwich and Coke for lunch.  Then what?  It’s now 9:30 p.m. and they’re still toiling away.  Did they stop for dinner?  The coffee shop is long closed. Was nourishment a Snickers bar?  Did they take time to drive to a restaurant and actually sit down and enjoy a meal or were they now working with hunger pangs gnawing away their actual ability to do work efficiently?  I ponder and wonder but continue driving.

Some People Do Work at Night

Logically some of the lit offices are because cleaning services are in emptying trash cans, dusting picture frames and vacuuming carpets but certainly that doesn’t explain all those lights.  I’m going with a food theme here:  where do those cleaning people who work into the night eat?  Even if they have a break there’s probably not time to get in the car and drive somewhere for a meal.  What about those that rode to work on MARTA?  Do they ride with a friend to the Varsity?

All this thinking begs another question. Do people still bring lunch boxes to work (besides too skinny women with their cute insulated packs containing carrot sticks, an apple, ½ a multi-grain cheese and sprout sandwich, and a cup of low-fat yogurt which they are just too full to finish.) Oops forgot the overpriced bottle of spring-fed water but I digress.

Another thought does cross my mind; did that many people fail to simply turn off the lights when they left work?  Horrors!  I don’t want to think there are that many lazy inconsiderate people in Atlanta so I’m sticking with the working too late into the night idea.

As For Me

Enough, all this thinking and pondering makes me want to pull into a Dunkin Donuts for a late night treat but instead its home I go.  My bedtime is approaching.  Those overeager digital pushers can type on hungry and tired but as for me soon I’ll be warm, cozy and in my bed sipping an adult beverage.

The holidays are in full swing.  Cooking baking starts Thursday.  There will be recipes and photos.  If you’d like to be the first to see the recipes post your email on the “Follow Me” button to the right.


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