Raggedy Ann’s Candy Heart

Rag doll characters Raggedy Ann and Raggedy An...

Before Woody and Buzz were animated and commercialized there was Raggedy Ann, the most innocent of toys that come alive.  Raggedy Ann was a curious floppy yarn-headed doll who took care of her fellow toys and not too far into the original book received a candy heart.  A candy heart that made her sweeter than sweet.

At a Store Near You – Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day.  I can tell because the grocery store is awash with items in red and pink.  It seems everyone has a valentine angle.  “Pick me I’m a cute cuddly stuffed animal.” “No, no, pick me because I’m chocolate” or the “Buy me not because I’m romantic or cute but because the store put a pink ribbon around my packaging.”  From the romantic to the “really?” it’s all on sale right now.

Bags of candy hearts bring back memories of Raggedy Ann.   Honestly, I don’t know that I read Raggedy Ann as a child. I probably discovered her about the same time I discovered the Little House books; that would be when I had children.

Where Did R.A.’s Candy Heart Come From?

Raggedy didn’t start out with a candy heart.  As I recall, and feel free to leave a comment below if I’m wrong, she fell into a bucket of paint.  Raggedy Ann had been tied on a string so she would be the tail of a kite but as happens when children tie knots something went wrong. Splat!  Cloth dolls do not mix well with buckets of paint. One of the young painters took Raggedy home to see if his mother could clean her up a bit.  Of course, good ‘ol mom to the rescue.  Isn’t that always the way things get fixed!  Mom not only cleaned the paint off, but restuffed the doll and then stuck inside a small treat – a candy heart that said “I Love You”

English: A photograph of a heap of candy heart...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It just brings out the warm feelings inside you doesn’t it?  Unless you’re a realist who immediately thinks “What if the doll gets wet?  That candy heart will make a sticky mess.”  Or there’s the pragmatist who says “Mice, dogs, other vermin they’ll all smell that candy and rip the doll to shreds.”

Luckily for lovers of innocence the realists didn’t write the stories about Raggedy and her friends.  Soon we’ll be exchanging small candy hearts with silly sayings on them; both children and adults.  It’s an annual ritual of innocence.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all exchanged silly greetings year round?

English: Gruelle's Raggedy Ann design patented...

Gruelle’s Raggedy Ann design patented by United States Patent Office on Sept. 7, 1915.


One Comment on “Raggedy Ann’s Candy Heart”

  1. Rosie says:

    wow I did not know that about the candy heart! cool!

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