Fitting Food for the Fourth


The Fourth of July demands All American food.  It’s a birthday party after all.  Even without a grill folks should eat hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, potato salad, potato chips, watermelon, cake, ice-cream and of course ice-cold lemonade (or beer if it’s your preference).  What we should not eat is what I discovered in a grocery store while on vacation last week.

Bad Food for the Fourth

Obviously preparing for the horde of hungry out-of town tourists that were about to descend for a week the bakery was ready.  Every item I noticed had red and blue stripes piped across the top.

July 4 Food.  Really?

July 4 Food. Really?

I was offended.  The Good ‘ol USA was founded by men with vision and with hard work.  Running a thread of icing across the top of a premade item is not vision or hard work .  It’s lazy, sloppy and demeans the holiday.  I’m ok with a sheet cake with the topping covered in strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream that gives off an aura of a flag.  Someone put a bit of thought and effort into that cake.

"Flag Cake" - Made By Christine Turn...

“Flag Cake” – Made By Christine Turner – July 4th 2009 (Photo credit: CTurn1)

For our family the propane tank is full and the grill is gleaming.  (and I know at least one family that should be eating food from a Green Egg).

Plan Ahead People 

As I was out running errands today I noticed far too many stores with signs saying they would be open on the 4th.  That’s probably so their overworked and underpaid employees can pipe a few lines on a pastry for the folks running in for the last-minute items.    Meanwhile far away management will be all smiles at their lake house spending time with family and friends (and real July 4th food)

Plan ahead people!  Everyone should have the opportunity to be out waving sparklers (even if they are made in China)!


Photo credit: HatM