There’s No Denying It – Your Food Says You’re From the South

Banana Pudding--Thee Southern Dessert

  In time of crisis you food of choice is banana pudding

You have at least 5 recipes for ‘nanner pudding

To soothe your troubled brow in times of extreme crisis you crave collard greens

Cooked in fat back

To be heart healthy you eat fish at least once a week

Fried catfish

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are considered part of a nutritional diet

The “makes you smile” part

Your local restaurant always keeps 2 pitchers of sweet tea ready to pour

But only ½ pitcher of unsweetened

A glass of sweet tea

Chicken and dressing means the shredded chicken is mixed in the cornbread dressing

With gravy poured over

Dukes mayonnaise, white bread, sliced tomatoes and salt is summer heaven

Big Boy homegrown tomatoes

You don’t need a recipe for biscuits

Your mama taught you how to bake when you were knee-high to a grasshopper

Pickles aren’t just from cucumbers

You’ve pickled okra, peppers, and yes even watermelon

Cornbread is a sacred food not to be messed with

No kin of yours would ever serve sweet cornbread

And now I hang my head in shame because even born and raised in the South I only rate a 50% on my Rate a Southerner Scale.  I go off in shame for a plate of catfish with sweet cornbread.