About jhg

grain products: bread, rice, cornmeal, and pasta



Who doesn’t love food?  I know I enjoy a good meal but I’m not a   culinary expert.  I was raised on canned peas, white loaf bread and homefried potatoes.  Decent food but not exciting.  Sadly I haven’t advanced much past that stage.



This blog is my random thoughts about food: about what it takes to create food, why some food makes me happier than other food and of course my favorite foods.  Occasionally recipes will appear but don’t expect them too often.


I also enjoy learning about food history.  I blog about food history, equipment and other more historical facts at Grit Magazine:




Thanks for reading – I hope I gave you a smile today.  Reply and let me know what you find funny about food.




5 Comments on “About jhg”

  1. Ruth Dunham says:

    Love your blog; I just discovered it. Ruth

  2. Beverly Jones says:

    Finally getting caught up. You are doing a great job!

  3. April says:

    You have a great writing style.

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